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Shower Pump Installations & Repairs

Shower Pump Installations in & around Enfield

Do you require an expert plumber to install a shower pump? Plumbline can rapidly determine which pump is appropriate for your plumbing system and enhance your water pressure. If you need shower pump services, our experienced Plumbers are here to support you. Call us at 0800 731 0255.

What is the purpose of a shower pump? 

A shower pump increases the pressure in your hot water system. If you're remodelling or doing home modifications, or if you have a buy-to-let property, and you want your renters to have a nice shower experience, you'd normally add a shower pump into a hot water system where the 'head pressure' isn't enough to offer a decent shower experience.

What exactly is head pressure? 

'Head pressure' is a type of pressure measurement used in pump systems. In general, it is a measurement of the height difference between the moving water and the 'discharge point' or source. That is the height difference between your cold water tank (or wherever your water originates from) and your shower head in the event of your shower. 

How does a shower pump work? 

A shower pump is a tiny (about 30cm x 30cm x 30cm) appliance that you may install to increase the volume of water and hence the head pressure in the pipes connecting the hot water tank and the shower unit.

Do I need a shower pump?

If you know your shower head's water pressure may be improved (and it's enough elsewhere), a shower pump will assist you in greatly improving your morning wake-up ritual.

We are trusted by major shower pump manufacturers!

We are manufacturers trained for Salamander shower pumps & Stuart Turner pumps

so you can be sure you are in well trained, experienced & trusted hands!


Enjoy your new and improved shower! With our Enfield shower pump installations

We hope you'll soon be jumping out of bed for a refreshing morning shower. If you need any assistance or a price for our shower pumps, please contact us via our simple contact form or call us on 0800 731 0255. We service all of North London and Hertfordshire, including Enfield and Cheshunt.

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